Recently Stevia Extract is taking the Lyme light for Lyme Disease cures, but how accurate are these claims?

Professor Eva Sapi, Chairwoman of University of New Haven-Department of Biology and Environmental Science conducted the study with Stevia extract with her students. In the study the sugar substitute did prove to be most effective in treating the bacteria, Borrelia Bourgdorferi, over antibiotics such as doxycycline, cefoperazone and daptomycin.

Sapi being a Lyme Disease patient herself, has made it her goal to find everything possible to eliminate the bacteria as there isn’t much research out there. Although her testing showed positive results,

 “Just because it works in a test tube doesn’t mean its going to work in a human body so we didn’t stop,” Sapi said.

Clinical trials are beginning to take place in Hyde Park, NY by Dr. Richard Horowitz. “They’re going well as far as I’m aware. I got an email from one of Dr. Horowitz patients who said it appears to be working,” Dr. Sapi.

As of right now, many more clinical trials need to be conducted to see how it works outside of a test tube for patients who are struggling with Chronic Lyme.