As Lyme Disease begins to make its’ way across the US, the need for awareness is growing.  As children leave school to run outdoors with friends, vacation with loved ones and be adventurous, it is important to educate them on the unseen dangers that could be present. A children’s book was recently released to Amazon to provide awareness and hope to families who have been battling the disease.

Author Sarah Schlichte-Sanchez was inspired to write the book after her battle with Lyme began nearly 17 years ago. Initially after a camping trip she was told that she had an infected spider bite, later learning she was unknowingly bitten by a tick.

As the book is geared towards children, it is also for parents to encourage to tell the message to keep fighting, there is hope through this battle when facing Lyme Disease.

“I will not be defeated by Lyme. Instead, it will be my greatest opportunity,” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

Schlichte-Sanchez’s advocacy does not stop with this book, she also produces a podcast twice a month to further Lyme awareness to her listeners. She is currently developing a documentary she plans on putting up on Amazon alongside the book.

The book titled “Little Bite, Big Trouble” can be found on Amazon, for more information on the book, click here.