Not only can infection cause memory issues, as explained in the great video clip from Under our Skin, but neurotoxins can also cause an array of neurological symptoms.

With many Lyme patients, memory and brain fog is one of the biggest symptoms they experience on a daily basis. The spirochete as explained in the video can burrow anywhere in the body, causing neuroborreliosis (Lyme Infection in the brain)- releasing neurotoxins that can block synapse from recall. Due to this recall issue, many feel like they have acquired dyslexia or other learning disabilities; fluency of speech, and comprehension are all things that can be affected on a daily basis from Lyme.

Recognition can also be affected including hallucinations, night terrors, and the ability to recognize loved ones, can make anyone feel like they are going crazy or that there is no hope. It isn’t uncommon for Doctors to brush you off and give you antidepressants and anti-psychotics because of these symptoms manifesting in an otherwise previously healthy adult. It is so important to understand your symptoms to avoid a band-aided laundry list of medications which may not be eliminating the issues at the root cause.

“What many integrative physicians are now seeing and have been documenting for years is a strong correlation between chronic infection, heavy metal toxicity and spinal structural problems, while pharmaceutical companies instead race to prescribe medication that focuses on nerve cells, neurons and neurotransmitters.” –Envita Medical Centers 

It can be terrifying, but it is important to research as much as possible, and don’t wait if you have Chronic Lyme. It is not something that will go away on its own, but something that will continue to progress if not treated.